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We believe that in order to achieve the best performance, we need young professionals who have high integrity and are enthusiastic about making changes.

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 Mandiri Utama Finance a reputable financing company 

  PT Mandiri Utama Finance is one of the large-scale multifinance companies


Mandiri Utama Finance possesses an outstanding work culture 

Our culture is FRIENDLY: Focus, Reliable, Inspiring, Enthusiastic, Noteworthy, Dynamic, Loyal and Youthful.


 Mandiri Utama Finance is the right place to build a career

 We are very welcoming to competent candidates who have a desire to grow.


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PT. Mandiri Utama Finance is part of the Bank Mandiri Group. It is engaged in the financing business to serve the Indonesian customers who wish to own motor vehicle through installments. PT. Mandiri Utama Finance was officially established on January 21, 2015 and has been registered with and supervised by the Financial Services Authority. Currently, PT. Mandiri Utama Finance has expanded its netwrok to a number of provinces in Indonesia.

Muhammad Izzudin
CMO Car Kudus

Mandiri Utama Finance is one of Bank Mandiri’s subsidiaries which continues to grow and offers broad career opportunities.
By joining this company, my horizon has expanded, especially in the field of marketing. My channel relationship has also widen because all the subsidiaries are collaborating closely and support each other and of course this results in a high teamwork spirit and enthusiasm.
I am very optimistic that Mandiri Utama Finance will become more successful under the leadership of Mr. Stanley Setia Atmadja, who is highly experienced in the financing business

Agatha Rina
Operation Manager for West Java area

MUF has leaders who really appreciate and cares about the employees. This makes working here an added value for me.
Mandiri Utama Finance is a company that is very committed to the professional development of its employees, as can be seen in the healthy competition among the best employees so they are able to contribute ideas which can be adopted for the betterment of the company, especially by the young millennial generation.
Quality human resources, diverse products, strong corporate culture and support from Bank Mandiri are the keys to MUF’s success in the future.

Syuaul Choir
CA Tuban